Waiting for a Sign

Lily can say a few words now. She says mama, dada, ball, car, cat and probably a few that we haven’t decoded yet. But at this stage of the game what I am really waiting for is for her to start signing. That is when language just takes off – at least it has for the last two kids.

She seems to be doing some “sign language babble” and moves her hands in specific ways that mean something. But just like verbal baby babble, it seems that one motion can mean several things and basically what she is saying (signing) is “I’m trying to tell you something.”

For now though, we have a little foreign language speaker and we wait each day for her to start speaking our language. Someday soon it will happen, but right now we are in the communication waiting room, waiting for that moment when her face lights up and she knows we can understand what she is saying to us.

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