Avoiding Gossip

Someone on the NFP board posted this, I thought it was good enough to keep around.

Closed lips: 10 ways to avoid gossiping
1. Be positive:
When a person talks about the moral failings of another person, think of something positive to say about that person.
2. Look before you leap: Carefully consider your words before you speak.
3. Avoid idle banter: Ask yourself, “What are we accomplishing by this conversation?” and don’t chime in.
4. Beware of the “News Flash”: Don’t let juicy news eat you up. Just bite your lip and prayerfully challenge yourself to be strong in resisting the temptation to gossip.
5. Question the source: When you hear something that sounds unreasonable, say so.
6. Change the subject: Find a reasonable way to steer the conversation to something edifying.
7. Avoid gossips: If you know a person has a propensity to gossip, avoid that person or suggest he or she thinks about the harm he or she is causing others.
8. Give people the benefit of the doubt: Go out of your way to think the best of others.
9. Turn to prayer: Suggest that those gossiping about someone turn their attention to praying for the other person, rather than just talking about them.
10. The buck stops here: When you hear gossip, make a commitment not to spread it.

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