A Breath of Fresh Air

After struggling through the first three days of homeschooling this week, I had just about had it. Trying to drag them through their assignment lists, kicking and screaming, was just not working. So on Thursday we took a little different spin on things.

I put on a video (from Mentura) about Coral Reefs. (We have been watching a lot of “Finding Nemo”, So I figured it wasn’t too much of a stretch!) Then I read the kids part of a book about whales, focusing on their baleens. After that was done and they had a better grasp about what a baleen was, we read the story How the Whale Got His Throat from Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. Then I had Ben tell the story back to me (Narration, Charlotte Mason style) and Posy was supposed to write the story in her own words… but that hasn’t yet been finished. Oh well, that gives her something to start the new week with.

It was a very refreshing break from our book work and I think I need to go back to doing this more often. It felt a lot less like work and a little more like Learning.

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