Baby’s Gender

Well after five mystery pregnancies where we found out baby’s gender only after birth, we decided to go ahead and take a peek this time. It was covered by insurance, so why not?

…drumroll please…

It’s a BOY!

So assuming that they are right about this, sometime around New Years we will be welcoming Maximilian Anthony into our home.

That means that we have a perfect record of alternating girls and boys.
I wonder how long we can keep this up?

Yes, it’s true!

Groft baby number 6 is on the way!

We found out a week ago and have been having a lot of fun sharing our good news. This will be our second miracle baby after Jay’s vasectomy reversal. Most people have been very happy for us, but now everyone is watching me like a hawk to see when *IT* hits me. IT is Hyperemesis Gravidarum, otherwise known as extreme-knock-you-on-your-butt morning sickness.

I have felt mostly fine so far. I have been shoveling in the protein, which is in no way helping my diet! But it is helping to keep away those very mild queasies that I get from time to time. I have also been slightly more tired, but that is really all so far. Sometimes I am not sure that I am pregnant at all! (But since I have had now *8* positive tests, I think I should go ahead and believe them.)

So I am walking along through my days, trying to act as normal as possible, all the while knowing that any day now *IT* could hit me and I will be down for the count. Sometimes I dare to hope that IT won’t happen, but it is still very early yet. VERY early yet.

So anyway, in spite of the fact that my life could be indefinately put on hold at any moment, I have been walking in the clouds. Oh, it’s a BABY. I’m havin’ a BABY.

Good things come in twos

Two Rainbows:
It was good Friday, and I was talking to a friend about my raging hormones. She asked me if I thought I was finally starting to get my cycle back. I looked up into the sky and saw Two Rainbows right at that very moment.

Two Days Later:
On Easter morning, my temperature went up, showing me that my wild mood swings were, in fact, caused my hormones and impending fertility.

Two Weeks Later:
Will I see two pink lines? Shoot, it didn’t even take THAT long! Easter baby is on it’s way! (To be met in January.)