To Clean a Shower

Twice now I have bought some super-high-powered, fairly expenseive (in my mind anyway) cleaner to get my disgusting shower really clean and twice now someone has knocked it down and broken the nozzle and made it unusable.

So I found a bottle of Tilex in the kids bathroom (that, incidentally was bought so long ago that it is covered with soap scum.  Is it just me or is that a little ironic?) and dumped it out to replace with one of the broken-nozzle cleaners.  Done.  Spray shower.  Leave to sit and let the nasty chemicals do their work.

Later on, I walk into the bathroom and see my reflction in the mirror.  Two big, white bleach spots on one of my favorite maternity shirts – one of the few that is actually long enough to cover my entire basketball sized belly.

Argh!  I can’t win.