Oh boy! Way behnd!

I have spent the last two weeks virtually ignoring my house so that I could get Precious Prayer up and running and it shows. Boy does it show!

The floor is a mess, the laundry is backed up, and I am afraid to even tell you about the kitchen! I have two big boxes of *stuff* that I have been collecting off the floor that “nobody” and “not me” left laying all over the place during the week. I haven’t decided how to deal with those. In the meantime – daily goals:

Monday is supposed to be my UPSTAIRS day, but I think I need to do the downstairs today, it just needs it too badly.

  • deposit check
  • pick up potty chairs at BRU
  • gather, wash, fold laundry (As if that was just ONE item on the list!!! Ha ha!!)
  • Clean the kitchen, thaw chicken
  • Plan meals, Grocery store
  • sweep downstairs
  • pick up clutter, put away stuff in boxes
  • Print out Pope’s statement for Sr. What-her-face at church
  • Pick up kids (have all that stuff done by 2:30pm)
  • Attain a miracle of patience and grace to be a nice girl while doing all the above.

Piece of cake!

This is *SO* cool!

This weekend our parish had a ministry fair. Both Jay and I worked our different ministries and had a great time hanging around and getting to know a few people better.

At one point, Jay was talking to a couple that we are barely acquainted with who were working at the NFP booth. It turns out that they are instructors. So Jay asked, “I didn’t know you were instructors! How long have you been doing that?”

The husband replied with, “Ever since we heard you tell your story at the Theology of the Body class.”


About 4 years ago, we were asked to tell out our vasectomy reversal story during one session of a 4 week Theology of the Body class at our parish. We were totally unprepared; we just got up and told it off the cuff. But it turns out that this couple left that class and went home, threw out their birth control pills, and decided to try NFP!

When they contacted the local NFP chapter in our diocese, they were told that the next class was two months away. So they abstained during that entire two months while waiting for the class, and eventually decided to become instructors!

This has just made my year. To know that something *WE* said brought someone closer to the Church and impacted their lives like that – it’s just very humbling and exciting!