Max Bumped His Head

Last night I got home from Max’s first trip to the ER at one AM. Yawn… I’m tired. While I was at a play with James (that he was supposed to attend weeks ago to write a report that was due YESTERDAY) Max fell off his step stool. Okay,, nobody kick me, please. My butt is already bruised from kicking myself. He is a climber and we just let him climb the step stool because he was so steady.

He fell right through it and onto his forhead. (On the tile, no less!) I will post a picture of the poor baby when he gets up. He has a lovely knot on his forehead, but the thing that alarmed us was that around his eye and one side of his face also swelled up! He never had symptoms of a head injury, but it looked really traumatic.

So I called the doctor – they said take him to urgent care.
Took him to urgent care – they took one look and said off to the children’s hospital.
Went to the children’s hosp – they assessed him and sent us home with instructions, encouraging words, and a warning that the swelling would be much worse by morning but that if he could move his eye and was acting okay then he was fine.

So anyway, I am thinking that it is time to ditch the step stool and get something like the learning tower.

Did I mention that Jay is out of town from early this morning until late Sunday night and the other kids are sick?

I am thinking that the most strenuous thing I will do today is make brownies. School is canceled and it is now officially “Be a Blob on the Couch Day” here.