I don’t ALWAYS complain

It just seems like I can hardly get a break around here!

Anyway, things are looking up. Kathi brought over her carpet cleaner today, and I cleaned the carpets already. It still stinks to high heaven in here but it is noteably better.

Today is my Jay’s birthday so we get to go out to dinner SANS KIDS!!!

Generally, can I just say that my kids are so awesome? I had to take them to a dermatologist appt with me last week. Only four of them came with me but the derm is in Sun City (a whole city of over 55 year old people) so I knew that it had the potential for disaster. But they were as good as GOLD. They walked into the waiting room, sat in their chairs, and when we went into the teeny little exam room, they lined up on the floor out of the way and didn’t make a peep. (And then they got candy bars on the way home!)

I know that I can always count on them to really behave themselves when I need them to.

Like at a wedding this past weekend. Jay’s cousin was getting married and his family was coming from far and wide for the festivities. Turns out that at the reception they sat my family and Jay’s brother’s family (both with 6 kids) WAAAAAYYY over in the back away from the whole rest of the family. I was a wee bit offended to say the least. But I didn’t have to tell my kids to behave at all! It was the other family members who have two or so kids who’s kids were running amuck and spoiling things. (Not that all families with fewer kids are like that – it’s just ironic that they thought mine would do that and the ones who were seated in the thick of things were the ones getting into the bride’s pictures, tearing down decorations and getting up on the stage and pulling cords.)

And this morning, I saw Paisley walking down the stairs to go to school and was overcome with how blessed I am. She has such style and poise. And not only was she THERE, but she was walking down the stairs in our OWN HOUSE, which we missed so badly for so long. It was one of those moments when everything was accounted for, KWIM?

Up, up and Away!

Max has moved to the next step beyond mobile – he is upwardly mobile. Each day I find him on something a little higher an more interesting. So far he has gotten up to (but not ON yet) the kitchen counter and into his sister’s high chair. His next project is trying to get over the banister so he can bypass the gate at the bottom of the stairs. He has seen the other kids doing it, so he knows HOW, his legs just aren’t long enough to do it yet. This doesn’t stop him from trying.

Here he is on the kitchen step stool. (The very one he used to ALMOST get a steak knife.) Yikes!

And here he is trying to climb up and OVER the rocking chair. Apparently ON it wasn’t high enough.

(And just so you know these shots were fully spotted and supervised. Risk was as minimal as it gets when you are ten months old and can climb.)