A Few Days Left in August

Putting this in another category just to see what that does, if anything.

August is almost over, and if it weren’t already over 100 degrees outside, I would say I could feel fall in the air. Maybe I can just feeli it in the stores. I went shopping the other day and the fabric sotres have all their cordouroys and browns out, the department stores have long sleeves everywhere you look. Oh those clothes look so cozy, but it is just too hot to even think about buying such things!

Today is Monday, and as usual, I have a pretty good start on things, homeschooling, laundry, I can usually get up on time. This year I am trying to stretch my endurance and make it to Thursday before I peter out and start shlumping from one procrastinated task to the next.

Enough time here for now, I just updated the website, so now I need to go attend to the munchkins, I know that lunch is cleaned up, and I think our trip to the library will have to wait until after dinner now. Shoot, my fault!

A Rumble of Ramblings

Finally! A place to put up my feet and blather on about anything I feel like, well, blathering about. A round of applause please for our good friend Mike, who has selflessly donated his time to set this up for me. (And you could complain to him if you didn’t like what I was saying here, but there are lots of Mikes in the world and I am not telling you which one it is!)

Another round of applause for my dear Husband, who works so hard to make money so that I can have time-eating hobbies like this and scrapbooking so that he can smile and roll his eyes at me when I am not looking, and then tell me how good I am at it when I am looking. I love you, Jay!

Today is one of those, too hot to move, too sleep-deprived to get anything done, kind of hazy Thursday in July. Er wait, isn’t it August? I am trying to wrap up our homeschooling week, so that I can head out and have some down time tomorrow, but alas, the day keeps slipping through my fingers. Mostly because I am doing things like this.

So I here-by label the rest of today: ANTI-PROCRASTINATION DAY
(But aren’t the two prefixes self eliminating? Does that mean it is CRASTINATION DAY? Can anything be “anti-pro”?)

I will:
Get my grocery shopping done
Tidy up the School Room
Finish Christine’s sling (or at least work on it for 45 more minutes)
Fold 2-3 loads of laundry
and Make DINNER! (Or at least make whatever phone calls are necessary to get it here.)

Thank you so much for your time and attention, you can WAKE UP NOW, I am done.