Carpool gang

I drive a friend’s girls to school most mornings. They arrive about 20 minutes before we leave for school, and as soon as they get here, all my little kids flood into the playroom and the all play together quietly. It’s kind of a miracle, really. There is rarely any fighting.


Simple moments

Tired kids in the pick up line- it’s kind of nice to have them in one place, tied down, where the messes are minimal for even a few moments a day.


Then this next one… A parent’s delight. I walked, or rather tried to walk, into the living room to find that 6 of
The kids had spontaneously started a game together. And not just any game, mind you; it was a game about grammar! To keep me from being altogether mind blown with joy, they were playing this game in a prime walkway of the house, and I has to keep stepping over them to make dinner. You win some, you lose some. It’s a terrible picture, but I love it nonetheless.