Car Seat Information

During the last year I have been reading up on Car Seat Information. I even briefly considered taking the course to become a Certified Car Seat Safety Technician, but the class fell on a week when I was 36 weeks pregnant and one of my babies was starting kindergarten… I just couldn’t miss that!

In an effort to help get the word out, I am going to collect links and information as I find them and keep them here – so that I can have access to them and others can too.

Stay tuned, I will be adding links as I find them!

First off: Arizona Car Seat Laws (which are very minimal!!!)

But better yet: Car Seat Usage Recommendations (more info coming soon) 2008 AAP Recommendations (note that they recommend rear facing as long as possible)

Study done in December 2007 at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

Children 0–23 months were less likely to be severely injured when using a rear-facing car seat (RFCS) than a front-facing car seat (FFCS).
The benefit of an RFCS was particularly great in side crashes.
Children 12 months to 23 months old are five times less likely to die or suffer serious injuries in a crash when riding in rear-facing car seats than those in forward-facing seats.

Booster Info:
Seatbelt vs. Booster (PDF)
Seatbelt vs. Booster with more detail
Booster with only a lap belt?

The Importance of Rear Facing

Adult Belt is Not Enough (for a child who should be in a booster)
5 point harness vs. Booster
Compare a Rear Facing Crash Test to a Forward Facing Crash Test and see for yourself if extended rear facing is worth the trouble.
Toni’s Legacy (Sad story)
The Importance of a 5 point harness for children under 5

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