Mass with the Littles

I felt guilty getting my phone out in church, but we arrived plenty early so we didn’t disrupt anyone. Well, we always disrupt people, but we didn’t disrupt any more than usual.

You can see by the blur that they were already a little bit squirrelly. So much so that one choir member asked Jay what on earth he had fed Gus for breakfast.

Today’s highlights include Molly picking her nose, Max stretching every two seconds, and Gus making his fingers into a gun and yelling, “Bang! Bang!” in the middle of the consecration.

They make me a little crazy, and I don’t get to really complete a thought when I pray, but it really is a privilege to get to bring these children to church every week. Molly pulled on my sleeve at one point and whispered (she actually whispered!) “I know what that picture says. It says Jesus, I trust in you.”

A bonus picture of the three littlest (Lily-6, Molly-4, and Gus-2) paying a little visit to baby Jesus before mass. It was a beautiful moment, but they all came back to the pew covered in straw.


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