One of those “What I’ve Been Up To While I Ignored My Blog” kind of posts

In list format, because I’m lazy.
1. When I last posted, we were sick and had lice. I am happy to say that neither of those are true any more. Good thing too, because that post was  4 months ago!

2. Lent and Easter are always a super busy time for us. Since Jay is part of the Schola (professional choir) and also a cantor at our parish, he has a lot of extra work to do. For me, being on the RCIA team (rite of Christian initiation of adults), there is extra work as well. The Easter vigil is the high point of the year for both of us in both joy and intensity of our work. But I forget sometimes that the whole world isn’t stressed out joyfully working hard and hyper focused on the liturgical seasons. This became apparent when the parent of one of Max’s friends suggested some activity and I responded with an astonished, “But it’s LENT!” And they responded by looking at me as if I had sprouted another head. So I guess for some people, life goes on as normal, even when there are extra masses.

3. Baseball season! The kids played baseball as usual, and Molly joined in the fun as well. She didn’t look like she was having fun, but she kept asking for more games, so I guess she enjoyed it.

Max and Lily played too, and we all enjoyed being forced out of the house to socialize and be outside. Homebodies like us sometimes need to be dragged from our walls, whining and complaining the whole time. But secretly we love it.

4. Dietary changes. So I started this diet. I’m really not very good at it – I’m all two steps forward, two steps back about it. But part of that was reducing and eventually eliminating grain from my diet. So after a couple weeks, when I was sort of getting the hang of it. Jay went off gluten too, and he saw immediate results in how he felt. We took Molly off as well, and now she won’t touch anything with gluten at all, her constant bloating is much reduced. So now I have one who doesn’t want to eat milk products (except when she does), one who can’t/won’t eat gluten (Molly) and one who can’t eat gluten or eggs. And I ask you this: how in the holy heck am I supposed to cook for this crew?
Thank goodness for summer grilling.

5. Switching schools. I won’t go into a whole lot of detail here, but we are very excited about our new schools and there was a lot of work to get all the paperwork done, buy new uniforms, and much more. But I’m really appreciating summer because my daily drive will be much longer when school starts.

And then there is just the daily life of lots of people in a small house… that is more than enough to keep me hopping.