Happy Anniversary Nana and Papa

44 years ago yesterday a couple of grade school sweethearts got married.


They were so young, so in love, and willing to put together a life that would impact so many. They had 8 children, including opening their home and adopting 2 and raising one grandson as their own. They have helped their children through good times and bad, through heartaches, weddings, moves, home repairs, baseball games, choir concerts, and so much more. They have seen the addition of 26 (is that the right number? It’s hard to keep track!) grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren (so far!).

Last night, at Peter and Lindsey’s house, we had a party to celebrate their love and legacy.

James played music for everyone, letting his brothers and sisters help out.

Ben did a few songs as well. Molly, Lily, and Max each had their shot at the microphone too. And Philip shared a few of his songs with us.

The kids played, the fire blazed, and we were all blessed to be there as a family.

Happy Anniversary Barb and Jim!

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