The Children’s Museum (A Picture Post)

We bought a membership to the children’s museum this year and have been enjoying it so much.  On Friday my mom went with Max, Lily, Molly, Gus, and me and we all had a very fun time.

Max and Molly, high up in the climber.


Really high up!


Even Grandma got into the climbing action.


The whole crew, about two stories up.


Gus crawled around on the floor while the kids were perched up high.


The girls picking flowers. You can see both of their curls so well here. Molly has big soft waves. On this day I had twisted Lily’s hair into big ringlets instead of the wild tiny ringlets she usually sports. This helps to keep her hair from tangling as easy.


Max went up to these chimes and started playing Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring to the astonishment of many of the parents around. He walked away frustrated because it wasn’t a true scale and he couldn’t get the song in tune.


Gus is old enough to start enjoying the exhibits as well.


Molly painted ricks with water while the other kids ran through the noodle forest with Grandma.


Next up was the Fort Room.


We ended the morning in the Art Room. Molly painted the rocketship.


Lily and Grandma made letter art and a collage, and Max held his very own puppet show.

And then we headed home, tired and hungry for lunch and naps.  But we will be back another day!

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