Clumsy Jesus

During Holy Week, the 8th grade class at our parish school puts on a dramatic presentation of the Stations of the Cross.  It is beautifully done, and a nice way to bring the children into the Triduum.  At the stations when Jesus falls, they drop the cross very loudly and dramatically.  They definitely got Molly’s attention with the loud, sharp noise.  In the weeks following Easter, Molly would often point out that “Jesus always falls.  It hurts.”

A few weeks ago, Posy was headed out to the 11am mass by herself.  Molly wanted to go with her.  So this loving big sister brought her 2 year old sibling to mass with her (on purpose!).  Molly fell asleep during the mass and Posy let her lay down on the pew.  At one point, a nearby parishioner let a kneeler fall, making a loud noise.  Molly sat up and asked, groggily, “Did Jesus fall?”

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