A First Picture

I went to an ultrasound school yesterday and got a free ultrasound just for fun.  It was so nice to see the little guy who is making me so uncomfortable.  🙂

We didn’t get any good 3D shots, when we started trying he turned his head into my back and wouldn’t move again.  Stinker.  But we did get a nice profile shot:

That thing up by his face is a foot.  The other one was planted firmly between his legs and wouldn’t let us get another look at his gender, but I have no reason to think the first U/S wasn’t right.

Oh… and he’s breech.  I know we have a long time for him to turn, so I am certainly not panicking yet.  I am mildly concerned because all my other kids were head down and stayed that way well before this point.  I have a midwife appointment next Wednesday and we will talk about it then.

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