Why do I want a clean house?

Day one is my mission statement.  It only took me three days to do.  So this challenge is definitely going to take me longer than 31 calendar days.  I spent three hours this morning just folding laundry, corralling the littles, and cleaning up the kitchen from dinner and breakfast.  It can be so frustrating to spend so much time and not make any headway.  Thankfully my amazing husband came home and cleaned both bathrooms.  They needed it.  Badly.  I will be taking these challenges in order, but they will have to fit with my family.  This may take all summer, but we will still be better off than if I hadn’t tried at all.

And so: My reasons for wanting a clean house –

I want a clean house because it brings peace to my family.

When my home is clean, the kids can play with their toys, everyone can find clothes and needed items and there is a feeling of calm.

When my home is clean, there is no last minute panic trying to find shoes and other items before leaving the house.

When my home is clean, we can focus on our time together and not on the clutter around us.

When my home is clean, my children feel comfortable bringing their friends here.

When my home is clean, I feel comfortable sitting down to rest or to spend time with my husband, or to get down on the floor with the toddlers.

When my home is clean, I can think and write more clearly.

When my home is clean I can be a better steward of my belongings.

When my home is clean it feels like home and not just a building we live in.

Ready for Cinderella

So here begins the year in pictures once again. I make no apologies for it’s lapse, even though it was longer than I planned, or for the quality of the pictures. This here is real life and it moves too fast sometimes for me to go and get my good camera.

So… here are Molly and Lily, ready for their daily viewing of Cinderella.


Molly is a blur, because she is always trying to grab the camera or phone. Lily did her own hair this morning! Can you tell?