Back Again!

I told you I would be back around 12 weeks and here it is – tomorrow is 12 weeks. Yesterday brought us the peace of mind of a nice, quick heartbeat at the midwife appointment. I had been worried. Even though I still felt nauseated and other lovely pregnancy symptoms, they were so mild (comparatively speaking – no one ever even had to think of putting me in the hospital this time!) that I just couldn’t shake the idea that maybe something was wrong.

I know something still could go wrong, but 12 weeks and a good heart rate are a great start to things and feeling better (mostly, anyway) is wonderful too.

Now, in the past 6 weeks, my house has fallen completely apart and I need to get things back up to par around here.

The first steps are, of course, dinner and laundry. Grocery shopping has been nothing short of agony for the last few weeks, so short trips were all I could handle. But the meals are planned and shopped for now. All I have to do is cook them.

Laundry. My old friend. I have been working on it, a little at a time. We’ll get there. There is always and ebb and flow to that anyway. So we are on our way.

Once those are underway and back up to normal, then it is time to tackle bedrooms. Let’s just say there are some I don’t like to enter anymore. Like ALL of them.

But for tonight. All I am doing is laundry and dinner.

Starting tomorrow, I hope to get the picture a day going again. Baseball is in full swing, so that should provide some good shots.