More Dress Up

My friend came over to hang out (and play with the kids’ toys too, let’s be honest!) and helped with a game of dress up.  But this time we threw in some make-up just for kicks and giggles. She did Lily’s make-up (Lily told her what to do) and then Lily did Molly’s make-up. Then we threw in Doritos and Cheetos for a snack (dressing up is hard work!). The orange powder set off their outfits nicely.
Make-up!  Lily did Molly's make-up, can you tell?

After make-up, Sarah helped Lily select the perfect shoes for her outfit – fuzzy pink ones of course!
Sarah Helps Lily put on the final touches with fuzzy shoes

Finished product: Beautiful!
Finished Product

Dress Up

The girls are virtually drowning in dress up supplies, and loving every moment of it.  The family room is forever buried shin deep in tulle, lace, and satin in every color you can imagine.  In between pretty dresses it seems half naked little children are always running around my house like the shoemaker’s elves.  (Only not quite so helpful.)

First we have to dig into the Magic Box of Clothes.  Fancy Nancy would be proud!
beginning the mess

Molly selects her shoes
Dressing up

Lily selects the same shoes and “trades” Molly for some dirty flip flops.
Wait that's my shoe!

Molly asks, “Did you see that? She just stole my shoes!” Lily changes skirts.
dress up

But Molly gets the shoe back during a clothing change! Little siblings have to stay on their toes, so to speak.
Tricksy high heels!

Smoothies for a bedtime snack

I hate the whole bedtime snack thing. The kids just ate an hour ago and can’t possibly be really hungry. It is just another of their evil schemes to postpone bedtime and possibly consume more sugar.

But tonight the bedtime snack was a healthy one, blueberry soy milk smoothies. Here you see Max with his snot and dirt encrusted face gleefully digging in.

Tis the Season

Today’s’ picture is brought to you by Target and a whole lot of sniffly noses around here. We spent $60 just to renew our medicine cabinet and keep everyone comfortable.  We were totally out of tissues, vitamin C, cough drops, and needed plenty of decongestants so no one suffocates.  The wine, however, was added by Jay.  So far Posy, Jay, Lily, Molly, and I have it. But with the snowstorm of germy tissues blanketing every surface, I would guess it won’t be long before more family members succumb as well.

Poor Molly, the scratchy throat is so annoying, she can hardly sleep.

I would like to offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to whoever invented Puffs with lotion and Vicks in the tissue. This is my new favorite product in the world. (At least until the cold is over.)