Away in a Groft House (2010 Version)

Our Christmas letter this year takes the form of alternative lyrics to Away in a Manger.

Christmas 2010

Away in a Groft house, it’s noisy as heck.
Kids running inside and the playroom’s a wreck.
I’m waiting for naptime and trying to think,
But this happy chaos may drive me to drink.

Jay has released a new Christmas CD,
At you can buy two or three.
Still cantoring often and tank testing too,
He finds that his minutes with family are few.

Jenni is happy as a stay at home mom.
She keeps the kids busy and tries to stay calm.
She tries to find time to pick up a book,
But there’s laundry to fold and there’s dinner to cook.

Paisley waits tables and takes classes online,
She lives on her own and is doing just fine.
James is 18 now, a fully grown man.
He works hard on his music whenever he can.

Posy stays busy with youth group and friends.
Soon she’ll be driving and can’t wait ‘til then.
Ben loves guitar and is learning to play,
And also piano, he’d practice all day.

Tessa is everyone’s sweetheart it seems,
She’s helpful, a writer, and filled with daydreams.
Max loves the Beatles, he knows every song.
He’s learning to read and likes recess to be long.

Lily and Molly are partners in crime.
The girls are together all of the time.
With markers and toys they make quite a mess,
But seeing them snuggle and hug is the best.

Our hope is that Christmas brings with it much cheer.
Our prayer is for good health and happiness next year.
Remember the season’s about Jesus’ birth.
And we are the reason He came down to earth.

3 thoughts on “Away in a Groft House (2010 Version)”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. It is a lovely picture and a lovely letter. I miss you all….even the Grofts I’ve never met! Lisa

  2. Dear Groft Family

    To each of you a hug and a kiss
    That this Christmas you all blessed be
    I know you are, I’ve seen it in all your eyes
    You can’t deny it, neither can I.

    Merry Christmas,

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