Is it Twenty-ten or Two thousand ten?

Either way it is a new year and time to put in an update around here.  As is my custom, I have slacked off entirely on writing for a while – some four months to be exact, which is a bit of a record slack off around here.  But I have lots of lovely (and a few not so lovely) excuses.

1. Molly Catherine was born at home, in the water, on November 4th.

2. Molly is a handful.  She started out with a bang by sending us to the NICU for her first day with some heart arrhythmias that needed to be figured out.  Thankfully all was well.  But she has kept us hopping by being very vocal about her needs.  I suppose one has to be vocal, being an 8th child.  But she is beautiful and healthy and is now settling nicely into life outside the womb.

3. Besides taking care of a newborn, we have 4 schools to contend with this year.  I may have mentioned it before on the blog, I’m too lazy to go back and check right now, but this has been just as much work as I thought it would be.  And then some.

4. And this one is the doozy: When Molly was just a month old, I was involved in an accident that resulted in a fatality.  We are all physically fine, and I was not at fault, but it has been a lot to grapple with and I didn’t feel that those details belonged on the internet.

And now, as a reminder list to me and to give you a teaser of what may be to come look for posts on a few of these things:

And plenty of other stuff, I am sure.