A Monday Success List

“Things to Do” is so depressing. Today we are going with “Things Done!”

1. Ate breakfast, make iced tea
2. Bible study
3. Start load of wash, start load in dryer
4. Give bowl to Max BEFORE he threw up
5. (And I get major points for this one!!!) pile up things in garage so that the VAN ACTUALLY FITS! Now granted, there isn’t enough room for anyone but the driver to get in and out, but at least it is in the shade. I can pull it into the driveway to load up kids.
6. Sit on couch like a zombie for 20 minutes
7. Reboot laundry, it’s now 8:30am
8. Load/start dishwasher
9. wash other pots and pans, put them away
10. Bleach sink, wipe of counters and stove, ignore nasty floor
11. Make bed, pretend that makes my room clean
12. Clean out puke bowl, watch a little Zaboomafoo with Max
13. Shower and get dressed, FINALLY
14. Reboot laundry, fold 2 loads
15. Snack time, hummus and pretzel chips with a side of Iced Tea
16. Move boxes in from garage (4 of them) and fold up table, now you can access all sides of van when in the garage.
17. Go to grocery, remember as I am checking out that shopping while hungry was probably NOT a good idea. My Amy’s Organic Burritos are bagged with my Hershey’s Chocolate. I won’t even tell you what the marshmallows got bagged with.
18. Reboot laundry
19. Hang picture
20. Eat lunch
21. Make a kid empty the D/W, I pile dishes on counter, run James to a friend’s house (and the van was so nice and cool after being in the shade!)
22. Put Lily down for a nap
23. Take a nap myself
24. Awaken to disgusting virus problem*
25. Start more laundry – I had stopped for the day, but am restarting now. How can it be almost 4pm?
26. Try to disentangle my registration for CPST course so I can pay and be official (it worked!)
27. Get mail – put on new blender blade
28. Hand out popsicles
29. Move last (Please???) load to dryer, fold two more loads of clothes

And here – at 4:53pm – is where I am going to stop today’s list. Not because I am done or anything, but things are about to get much more busy as we move into evening. Still to come: Make dinner, clean up kitchen, take kids swimming (except the sick one!), shower everyone off, feed bedtime snacks, put away a few stacks of clothes (maybe…), brush all teeth, put everyone in bed (which is a major process in and of itself!), and stay up until Posy gets home.

*Just a note: I left out various stomach virus related details from the list because they were too gross for even me (and that is saying something!) and I left out the several times I sat down to update this list and blew a few minutes on Facebook or whatnot. Also not mentioned, taking Lily potty about 150 times. But so far today she has stayed dry.

Checking in

It has been a while – in the flurry of baseball season, summer swimming and every other thing in the world, I have been lax on updating around here. I am not going to write out a huge, long update post now – it is Sunday afternoon and naptime is calling. But I do plan to jump in a little more here and there.

Oh and baby number 8… is a GIRL.