When I started figuring out that the skin rash that Lily fights all the dang time is probably eczema, I got lots of suggestions here for aquaphor. But I resisted. I was trying really hard to avoid petroleum based products and just generally had good and healthy intentions.

Her skin has gotten particularly bad over the last few days and last night was really bugging her. So I put her on the bed and slimed her up with her usual stuff (Burts Bees Body Butter) which had been miraculous when we first used it. Suddenly she was WRITHING all over the place, grabbing at her skin saying OWIE OWIE OWIE. Yikes – right into the shower she went and we washed (just water and a soft cloth) all of that off her body. We’re done with that one! Gee, I wish I hadn’t JUST BOUGHT that container YESTERDAY! Anyway, I had a tiny sample of aquaphor laying out so I slathered her up while she was still wet. This morning she woke up and her skin, while not clear, was at least 75% better than last night.