It’s been a while.

Here is a cute story to tide you over for now.

We often ask everyone around the house things like, “Who wants popcorn?” or “Who wants to go outside?” of course everyone in earshot will raise their hand and say, “Me!” So when Lily asks to nurse (“Nuh, nuh, nuh) I will ask her, “Who wants to nurse?” and she will raise her hand and say “Me!”

Well lately she has dropped the “nuh” part of it and just starts out by raising her hand and saying “Me!”

It has gotten so ingrained that last night she did it in her sleep! She was in the middle of our bed and I had my back to her. I heard her saying, “me, me, me” so I turned over and she was raising her hand and saying it but was still mostly asleep. As I pulled her in to nurse her she gave a little happy giggle.