I learned how to colorize a photo! I had had the capabilities all along and didn’t even know it. Here is my first shot:


Yes, I fully confess I upped the blue in her eyes. But the original color photo was taken under such yellow lighting (stained glass) that it really muted the blue in her eyes.

Some weeks are like that.

Sometimes it is a doozy of a day that can get you, sometimes it is a whole week. I have been extra busy mostly because of a week I had last week – it started of with a bang. Tessa came home from school with a fever the bloomed into full blown croup, and by the end of the day Max had it too.

On Wednesday the littles were still sick, nothing new there. But then James was hit by a car on his way to school! Talk about a heart stopping phone call. Thankfully, he was the one who called me – laying in the street, waiting for the paramedics, he called me. So I knew he couldn’t have been too hurt. Still, I rushed over there and saw my poor baby in a lot of pain, being loaded into an ambulance. After a short stay in the ER, we discovered that he is very bruised and has a hairline fracture in a lumbar vertebra. There isn’t a whole lot they could do for that, just tell him to get lots of rest and not jar his spine around.

Thursday began bright and beautiful with a visit from the vomit fairy. Three kids down with that one. It was a short virus though – only about ten hours. But still… little people who cannot understand that we puke in the toilet or a bowl can make a HECK of a mess.

It was interesting to discover that Max had some kind of vomit sensor for Lily. He would say, “Mom, Lily is going to throw up!” and 30 seconds later, I kid you not, Lily would fountain up her stomach contents. By the end of the day I learned to listen to him when he said that.

While it sounded like a horrible week, it was an easy week to focus on the good and to be thankful. James accident could have been so much worse in so many different ways. But he is fine (if sore) and the kids are all well again.

Lily is ONE!

LilyA slightly belated one year update for Little Lil.
Like I mentioned in my last post, things have been a bit on the busy side, so Lily got her one year check up with the pediatrician at 13.5 months. Oh well, close enough to call it good.
Her official stats:
Height: 28.5 in (15%)
Weight: 19.1 lbs (10%)
Head: 18.25 in (75%)
So now we know why she is always falling on her noggin! She is top heavy!

Lily is fantastically smart. (But I am sure all parents think that!) She knows lots of signs and even more words. She loves to run and – even better – climb. She is upwardly mobile in the worst way. She is absolutely driven to scale anything that is near her and is even remotely climbable. She also likes very much to empty things, which you would think might be a help in getting the house unpacked, but it really isn’t. It really, really isn’t! Any time I walk out of the room for even a moment to do something frivolous like change the laundry she immediately commences one of her search-and-destroy missions. She has great talent with toilet paper and can get it to reach nearly across the house without breaking.

At this pediatrician visit we discovered that she has genuine doctor anxiety. She started freaking out the very moment we walked into the exam room. Poor baby. We postponed any shots just to keep this visit light and easy for her.

She is still nursing at least a hundred times a day and still happy to spend most of her time in my arms when she is not climbing. She loves being outside and she loves all of her big brothers and sisters, but she especially loves James.


It has been a busy couple of months!

The short version of this post is that yes, we have finally moved. We are (slowly) settling into the new house and trying to fit all our stuff in with slightly less room than before. Tricky job, that one!

The long version…
Nah, I don’t even want to give the long drawn out version of our house closing because it was pure hell and I never, ever, EVER want to move again. Good thing too, because this house is about the perfect location. We closed on this house six WEEKS (and one day) late. Six very long weeks. But they are behind us now and the relief everyone in the family felt about it was palpable. So if you don’t have our new address and want to send us a Christmas card this year, be sure to contact us and get the new info!

We are still living with a lot of boxes around, but lets face it, life with 7 kids can be kind of BUSY. Yes, it’s true. I haven’t even had time to write lately. I hope to get back to it. For now I will just tell you that there is some BIG NEWS on the way. (No, I am not pregnant. Yet.)