Baby Laughter

We were waiting for our food this evening in a fast food place. It was just me, Lily and Posy out at the mall (buying glasses). I was playing with Lily, eliciting a string of giggles from her. Everyone around us was just transfixed by the sound of baby laughter.

And I realized that there are so many people who don’t get to hear baby or young child laughter every day of their lives.

I thought about how empty my life will feel when that sound is not something that I hear every single day. Thank God I can hear it today and many years to come. I hope that when I have grandchildren they are nearby so that I can hear their laughter as well. You just can’t be sad when a little one is laughing.

Baby Sign Cuteness

Lily has really caught on to using baby signs and several words in the last week. She regularly signs more, eat, drink, all-done, bye/hello, book… there may be a couple more but I can’t think of them right now.

This afternoon I was putting her down for her nap and she didn’t want to nurse because she knew that would make her sleepy. So I turned her around and just held her on my lap and she starts signing “All Done” over and over while trying to slide off my lap.

Current words she is using are mama, dada, cat, dog (says is and signs it at the same time), cheese (chs), shoes (shs), brother (bubba) Tessa (Tuh) and probably a few more that I can’t think of. She tries to say a lot of things but doesn’t use all of them regularly.