More Maxisms

While riding in the car earlier today Max asked if he could tell us a story. It was kind of hard to hear the story with the air conditioner on (and since Max sits in the 3rd row) but we could tell it was about a little boy and things he was doing.

Jay: What is the boy’s name?
Max: Penis-boy
Jay: (trying really hard not to laugh) Maybe we should think of a different name…
Max: No
Jay: How about Peter?
Max: No, I like Penis-boy.


Then, later on we were shopping at Lowes. Max saw a big jacuzzi tub. He started throwing an all out fit because we wouldn’t buy it on the spot. He actually continued with it for quite a while after we left the store. Throwing a fit because we wouldn’t buy him a new bathtub… never heard of that one before.

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