Chinese Fire Drill: Catholic Style

Picture this: 4 moms trying to go somewhere. Between them there are 14 children (present) of which 9 are in car seats or boosters of some sort, 5 are big enough for regular safety belts and one is still safely in utero.

Now picture these 4 moms trying to arrange these car seats into two vehicles (one seats 11, one seats 8) in such a way that all car seats can be reached and everyone has a good spot. While you are watching the car seat juggling in your head, take a glance at the thermometer, which reads “Hotter than Heck”. And keep in mind that we are all running late to get to open gym where the little munchkins can run amok in (relative) coolness for a while so play the whole thing in fast forward in your head.

You now have your entertainment for the day.

Well almost – one more funny thing to share: When we arrived at open gym, Max took off his shoes and handed them to me. I turned around to put them in a cubby and figure out where to put my diaper bag and sling. When I turned back around Max was only wearing his t-shirt.

I mean he was ONLY wearing his t-shirt.

His underwear and shorts were on the mat next to him.

I screeched, “What are you doing????” and he calmly answered that he was getting ready to go swimming. While I dressed him again I explained that there was no swimming pool here, that there was a FOAM “pool” that you could jump in, but he didn’t need to change clothes for that.

And then I had a heart attack as he happily ran off to play.