Lily Goes Vertical!

Lily is growing and developing by leaps and bounds, she has recently begun to crawl and pulling up has followed closely behind it.

Just today she mastered pulling up all on her own:

Step one – find something low to reach up to.

Lily Goes Vertical part 1

Step two – Once your hands are up off the floor, straighten your legs.

Lily Goes Vertical part 2

Step three – Look around for where to go next.

Lily Goes Vertical part 3

Step four – Go for it, you’re almost walking now!

Lily Goes Vertical part 4

So not only is she pulling up, but she is already, as you can see, trying to cruise furniture.

Then… if that wasn’t enough, she achieved another balance milestone tonight. She hates crawling on the tile, and will usually just cry when she gets to the edge of the carpet. But tonight she REALLY wanted to get to me, and I was about four feet beyond the edge of the carpet, so very carefully and very slowly she crawled on her hands and FEET. She had to set her knees down a couple of times to get her balance but she only did it when she had no other way to keep moving.

Tooth Fairy Scam

Hello, Tooth Fairy? We have a new client for you.

Tessa lost her first tooth a couple days ago. She was so excited, she actually pulled it out herself! We got it all ready in an envelope and put it under her pillow, but a few minutes later she came to me and said, “I want to take it to school for show and tell before I give it to the tooth fairy.” So I said okay, and told her to go put it in her backpack.

Then last night, she did put it under her pillow. I didn’t remember it was there and apparently my husband didn’t either, so when she woke up and checked, she was just destroyed. The tooth fairy hadn’t come.

So Jay went and got a couple of dollars and went to go help her look for it and see if maybe the Tooth Fairy had just left the tooth, since it was her first tooth and all, she might want to keep it. He reached behind her bed and pulled out the $2 and said, “Oh, here it is!”

Tessa replied, “No, that is just the money I took out of my piggy bank.”

So he had to leave her with the $2 and we have to try this ALL OVER AGAIN tonight. (Drat! Why do we never have any cash around here?)

That Tooth Fairy, she is a busy gal! Sometimes it can take a few days before she picks up your tooth!

Little stinker! She is going to get paid twice!

Posy’s Family Poetry Assignment


Small, smiley, cute, wanting to move around
Loves our cat and dog, mirrors, and Peek-a-boo
Who needs to learn to swallow baby food
Who fears not seeing mama
Who wishes she could crawl.

Ambivalence, hungry, loud, energetic
Loves Thomas the tank engine, show-tunes and the outdoors
Who needs to potty train
Who fears diaper rashes
Who wishes he could go on an adventure with the Little Einsteins.

Pink, silly, curly haired, all girl
Loves to read, sing, color, and play the violin
Who thinks she needs more books and craft supplies
Who fears being alone in a room at night
Who wishes she was a princess.

Ticklish, stick-thin, creative, funny
Loves fish sandwiches, the wii, and comedy
Who needs to gain weight, and stop procrastinating
Who fears being tickled
Who wishes he could be a snack-a-tarian.


I am a family photo;
With faces big and small.
A smile. A blink. A “not ready” face.
I sit in your house, un-looked at, untouched.
Dust is collecting on my broken frame.


The sky grows darker.
Both laughter and sorrow fades.
The family sleeps.

Field Trip

Today was a lovely day for a field trip. I dropped Max off with his Nina (Godmother) and Lily and I went to join Tessa’s kindergarten class at the science center.

But a simple trip is never nearly as easy as it sounds. Halfway there I realized that I had no cash and was going to have to park downtown. I called Jay, the Human Map of Phoenix and asked him where the nearest bank was. Money, check. On to the parking garage.

We drive a large vehicle. A very large vehicle. We drive a Ford 15 passenger van (with the back bench taken out to make room for multitudes of stuff) and it is very tall. I am not sure how tall, but I know that I have squeezed into parking garages that said 6 feet 10 inches and have hit the bar in ones that say 6 feet 6 inches. I have been to the Science Center many, many times. They have a nice parking garage that the van fits in and, when you get your ticket validated at the science center, it only cost $1 to park. Not too bad! But today when I pulled in to park in that garage, the bar said 6 feet 6 inches. WHY ON EARTH would they lower the allowed car height? I know my van can fit in there, but now it won’t fit under their stupid bar at the entrance.

This is the SECOND time this has happened to me this year. Just a few weeks ago I had to take Max to a specialist appointment at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I have parked in their garage a dozen times at least but they had changed their allowed height and put a bar in the entrance that measured 6 feet 6 inches. In fact, that is where I learned that I couldn’t fit under it. Shh, don’t tell. At Phoenix Children’s Hospital though, there is NO OTHER PATIENT PARKING. None. Zip… well, except for handicapped. I looked and looked for a place to legally park and could not find anything that did not have either a handicapped sign or say “Reserved for Dr So-and-so”. So I parked in Dr So-and-so’s space and hoped that I didn’t get towed. What is a girl to do when there is NO OTHER PARKING?

Anyway, back to today. I couldn’t park in the Science center parking garage so I had to go across the street and park (for TEN dollars!) in the Civic Plaza garage. Whatever. We made it in on piece and got to take part in the field trip.

We used to be members of the Science Center, but now I remember why we are not any more. First they charge you either membership or entrance fee. No problem (except that it is super expensive!) but then they have taken up huge chunks of their floor and exhibit space for special features that you have to pay extra for. So even if you are a member you will have to fork over a whole ‘nother wad of cash to get access to the few exhibits that have not already been there for more than ten years. To me it sounds like a bit of a r-i-p o-f-f. Take floor space away from the membership paying public and put it all towards events that their membership doesn’t cover access to. I was actually thinking that we should renew our membership just the other day so that I could take Max there more often. We won’t be doing that. They took away the little children’s area to put in… you guessed it, a paid exhibit.

But the field trip itself was lovely. The kindergarteners had their sixth grade buddies with them (so Tessa really didn’t spend much time with me, but she wanted me there anyway) and they got to see an Imax movie as well. I kind of got to watch it, I saw the parts that I could see when Lily wasn’t grabbing the 3-D glasses off my face. Then we all went to the park for lunch. A bit of an adventure, but a lovely day nonetheless!