Garage, not Junkyard.

The time has come. The time is now.

I MUST stop my house from vomiting into my garage anymore. It’s getting ridiculous.

As the toys and clothes continue to multiply and try to take over every square inch of living space, we gather them up in baskets and throw them into the garage and slam the door before they can sneak back in the house.

But it does. It gets back in.

As the Flylady says, “You can’t organize clutter.”

And how!

So, this is day one. It may take a while, it may take a whole year for all I know. BUt from here on out at least one of Lily’s naptimes per day will need to be dedicated to the garage. And here, for posterity is the proof of what it looks like right now:

First: the view directly from my Laundry room door. This is what I see when I go in there to take something out of the freezer… it’s enough to freeze the blood.

Garage Day 1

Swing your eyes to the left a little, still standing in the doorway and your eyes are greeted with this:

Garage Day 1

Now let your eyes glide to the right from the same spot. I kid you not there really is a ping pong table there. It has stuff under and over it to disguise it. Clever, eh?

Garage Day 1

Finally, if you continue to actually WALK to the right (be careful about where you step!) you will find this, one small swath of real, live garage floor, as yet untainted by our crud.

Garage Day 1

So now you have seen it. You have living proof of what a slob I am. And now I have to either clean it or kill you for having seen it. Hmmmm….. let me think about that one.

I have been slacking off!

I haven’t posted here in a bit… I have been busy sending all my posting energy over to CottonBabies and the blog over there, where I am writing twice a week. In the mean time my own blog has been gathering cobwebs. But since I have a readership of like two people, I figured it wouldn’t make too much a difference. (Hi Tiffany!)

In the mean time we have been going through the Great Illness Influx of 2008. It seems like every 3 or 4 years we have a string of illnesses that seems to stick around for months. There hasn’t been a week yet in 2008 when I didn’t keep at least one kid home from school one day. First there was a nasty stomach virus that took out Max, Posy, Ben, Me, and Jay. Then there was the Real Flu, that awful respiratory stuff that lasted for over a week. That took out Max, James, and finally hit Posy, leaving her with pneumonia. Then last week Max introduced a new one to the household: Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease. I am still hoping that Lily doesn’t catch it, we are not quite out of the incubation period yet. If we can make it to Sunday with no one else getting it, I think we can emerge from our self-induced quarantine.

What a Week!

This week:

  • Jay was out of town for three days.
  • Posy had pneumonia, and missed the whole school week, poor baby was so sick!
  • I spent 9, count them NINE hours on the phone with tech support trying to fix a very stupid problem on my computer. Thank the Lord it is FIXED!
  • Today I get a new grown up adventure, something I have never tried before: getting my car emissions tested with baby and toddler in tow. I am waiting for Lily to get sleepy so she will hopefully snooze through the whole thing.

This was a good week to practice being thankful for things in my life.