This past Sunday, while we were waiting for mass to begin, Max was watching the violinist warm up. So I let him go out into the aisle to watch her a little closer. She motioned to him to come and touch her violin.

He walked over, ever so tentatively, and touched it. Then she handed him the bow and showed him how to move it over the strings. While he did that she helped him play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. He was enchanted! Then she looked up to me and said, “I have started children as young as two and a half before.”

Well, I thought, we can’t just pass on an opportunity like this! This past summer I had started trying to find a Suzuki teacher for Max and Tessa but they were all too far away so I gave up. This nice lady may not be a Suzuki teacher, but I figured she had experience with very small children. So Jay and I talked and decided that we would do whatever it took to get the kids into lessons with her.

I called her last night. I am so amazed at how blessed we are.

  • She will start them this Saturday.
  • She will come to OUR HOUSE to teach them.

AND… (drumroll please) she is certified in the Suzuki method.

I am totally doing the happy dance!

So what did YOU do today?

Since I feel like I am spending way too much time doing NOTHING (AKA sitting on the couch nursing, walking the baby, etc… although those DO count as work!) I decided to keep a list today of the things I did get done.

Yes I just need to feel like a productive individual today. Yesterday was a rough one, Lily cried through mass (Sunday evening) after fussing all afternoon. I had Jay pick up dinner on the way home because I as starving (hadn’t eaten any lunch since I had been juggling said baby all day), then he held her while I ate, and then he cleaned up dinner and the kitchen and got the rest of the kids ready for bed… while I juggled Miss Fuss some more, then he gave me a backrub. 😉 All this after he had sung three masses and worked about 2 hours on his CD.

So by 12:30pm this is what I had done today –

Got up/ got kids up/got ready for the day
made cream of wheat
did Tessa’s hair
took kids to school
changed diapers – 5 so far
nursed Lily – 6 so far
collected empty hangers – 3 bedrooms
brought down laundry
loads washed – 2
loads folded/hung – 2(saturday’s laundry)
cleaned (disgusting!) sliding glass door
got Max and Lily dressed
cleaned sink in downstairs bath
made bed
load/start dishwasher, wiped counters
took kids for short walk (when will it not be hot?)
heated soup, ate lunch
read a book to Max
put littles down for naps

I guess I do get a few things done.