The Swing (AKA Neglect-o-Matic)

With other babies, when I had a swing (which was not even with every baby) it was in use for 15-30 minutes a day.

Lily is in LOVE with the thing. Last night she screamed and screamed and nothing we did made any difference… until we put her in the swing. Then she let out a big sigh, turned her head and went right to sleep. And she just did the same thing this morning. I feel like I am leaving her in there too much, I feel like I am depending on the swing too much, I feel like I am holding her too little.

Guilt just comes at us from all sides when parenting, doesn’t it? Holding too much, holding too little; feeding too much, feeding too little; sleeping too much, sleeping to little; not doing enough of this, doing too much of that… on and on it goes.

But she is sleeping and that is a good thing, right?

(And how can she love the swing and the car? I don’t get THAT at all!)

I feel so, I don’t know… un-AP right now.

(Not that I feel like I have to fit under certain AP guidelines, but I have always been a baby-wearing, snuggly type of mom. This is a puzzle to me.)

I do worry that she should learn how to sleep on a flat, non-moving surface, but maybe that just needs to wait until after this fussy stage is past.

Ah parenthood. Just when you figure it out they change all the rules on you! 🙂