Where Did Max Go?

The evil twin is here, but Max is nowhere to be found. My previous Max, who threw fits a couple times a week has spent so much time screaming this morning that by the time we left for school (7am) his voice was already scratchy and hoarse. Not that it stopped him from continuing to scream.

He is a little happier now, we are home and the TV is on… Bella Dancerella is playing while he flies Buzz Lightyear off the ballet barre. Whatever works at this point!

Update: He also spent some very happy minutes emptying Tessa’s dresser and taking all the drawers out.

More Reasons to Avoid Walmart

… as if I needed more reasons.

One of the things on my list today was razor refills for James (Yes, he shaves now!) so, obviously I go to the aisle labeled SHAVING that has a lot of shaving equipment in it. I hunt high and low, there are a million kinds of disposable razors, plug-in electric razors, but no refills for standard razors. I shop around a bit and return to the aisle thinking that I MUST have missed it, since there is NO OTHER AREA IN THE STORE LABELED “SHAVING”.

But luckily there was an employee there stocking the shelves and I asked her where the Fusion Razor refill might be.

“Oh, those are in checkout aisle 15.”

DUH. Why not?

Another thing on the list was a flashlight. There are NO flashlights in the tool section, or even in the lightbulb or lamp section. Luckily, I figured this one out on my own. ALL flashlights are in the CAMPING section. I was so proud of myself for deciphering the Wal-mart Code of Hiding Merchandise on this one.

My Shopping Cart Story

Yesterday I had to run to the grocery store to deposit a check at the bank and pick up some dinner. When I arrived the parking lot was littered with carts (no corrals right now the lot is under construction) but I wasn’t about to grab a cart from outside lest I burn my hands. (AZ sun…)

So I walked into the store… NO CARTS ANYWHERE. Humph, fine, I will get my bare minimum stuff and go. I got toothpaste, mac-n-cheese, and smoked sausage. I did NOT get the watermelon that was calling my name because there was no way I could carry it out to the car – or even to the checkstand – without hurting my hugely pregnant self.

I took my stuff up. The cashier, who was about 12 years old, I swear, brightly asked, “Did you find everything you need?” I said, “sure, except for CARTS. You might want to call for someone to do a round up.”

Her (vapid, vacant) response?

“Oh yeah. The guy who was supposed to get the carts didn’t come in today so we are all trying to figure out what to do about it.”

Um, how about send someone ELSE out to get the carts????

(Just so you know, they were not understaffed. There were several checkstands open and several people stocking shelves around the store, some of whom were actually just standing around.)

Oh well, it is my least favorite grocery store anyway.