Some Days are Like That

Picture this:

What you hear: *splat* *crash* *wahhhhh*

What you smell: chocolate

What you see: 2 year old who has vomited the m&m’s he stole this morning (splat), stepped in it, slipped and fallen into it (crash, wahh), rolled over and is trying to navigate out of the vomit (which he is now covered in head to toe) while crying hysterically.

What you realize: the washing machine is beeping because it is *again* malfunctioning.

How hot is HOT?

Tessa started swimming lessons, which involves me sitting out in the heat for about 40 minutes (in the shade!) But by the time I get home, or if I go anywhere else during the day, I have to lay down and recover for almost an hour just to feel normal (not puky and dizzy) and relatively cool again.

I loathe the thought of leaving the house! Even to go swimming, because it involves getting into the hot car and driving someplace. Even if that place is cool, I still have to get back in the hot car and drive myself home. ARGH!

And I can’t even complain to my husband, because he works out in the heat ALL DAY LONG. (Of course he isn’t 8 years pregnant right now… but still!)


The high tomorrow is supposed to be 112, which is down from where is has been since the humidity is starting to go up a bit. (We did have a lovely monsoon storm last night, but it only made it yuckier today.) I was watching the news while it was raining and they reported that the pavement was SO HOT that the rain wasn’t sticking. It was drying as soon as it hit. Now that only lasted for about 10 minutes, but STILL! That is REALLY HOT!

Avoiding Gossip

Someone on the NFP board posted this, I thought it was good enough to keep around.

Closed lips: 10 ways to avoid gossiping
1. Be positive:
When a person talks about the moral failings of another person, think of something positive to say about that person.
2. Look before you leap: Carefully consider your words before you speak.
3. Avoid idle banter: Ask yourself, “What are we accomplishing by this conversation?” and don’t chime in.
4. Beware of the “News Flash”: Don’t let juicy news eat you up. Just bite your lip and prayerfully challenge yourself to be strong in resisting the temptation to gossip.
5. Question the source: When you hear something that sounds unreasonable, say so.
6. Change the subject: Find a reasonable way to steer the conversation to something edifying.
7. Avoid gossips: If you know a person has a propensity to gossip, avoid that person or suggest he or she thinks about the harm he or she is causing others.
8. Give people the benefit of the doubt: Go out of your way to think the best of others.
9. Turn to prayer: Suggest that those gossiping about someone turn their attention to praying for the other person, rather than just talking about them.
10. The buck stops here: When you hear gossip, make a commitment not to spread it.