Clean kitcen
Make dinner
do laundry
tidy up the huge mess of books in the upstairs hallway (Thank you, Max)
sign up for swim lessons
pay bills, including going to the bank
make Dr appts for kids

Oh an keep kids busy while doing this. Uh huh.

So far ths morning Max has:
emptied the DVD cabinet
dumped a bag of trail mix (costco sized one)
drawn all over his legs with marker
cleaned off the bulletin board in the kitchen (onto the floor, complete with tacks!)
asked to nurse 102,348 times
eaten breakfast twice
salted the kitchen counter

And I wonder where I left my brain… I bet Max threw it out with his new shoes.

Sanity, that is all I ask of today. To get through the day without ripping someones hair out.

Oh and Paisley just came and informed me, yes she did not ask, she TOLD, that she is going to take the bus half way across the city so that I don’t have to drive her. And isn’t that considerate of her.

So I told her to do her chores and then try ASKING if she could go. At which point she had the gall to tell me all the work he does around this house and how no one else (namely, James) ever does anything.

Just some random musings on my day. Now back to your regularly scheduled whatevers.