Dare I say?

Could the illness be over? Everyone seems to be on the mend, although Jay’s doctor called two weeks AFTER the thick of his illness to tell him he had pneumonia. Uh, thanks. Paisey was hit with the stomach flu last and then she had her trip to Mexico to build houses just a couple of days later. I hope her stomach feels better! The puking seemed to only last for a day but the rest of us had messed up tummies for over a week! It just sounds like a miserable way to feel when you don’t have even a real bathroom. But Paisley insisted she was well enough to go…

Max has a new FACE that he makes every single time we try to take a picture of him.

All he has to do is hear the camera beep, and all traces of a normal looking kid are gone and are replaced by this super-cheesy fake smile.

He is also up on the whole digital camera thing and expects to see his picture on the back of the camera whenever his picture is taken! Kids understand technology WAY faster than anyone else!

Max is able to sign Please, More, and Eat, but he adamantly refuses to do any other signs even though he knows them, responds to them and will do them in his sleep. I guess pointing and grunting is working too well for him!