February: The Month of Illness

Bah!!! When will all this stuff be over? Max and Tessa and I started the month with a rip-roaring severe cold. After a week of misery, I took the two littles to the doctor to find out that Max had a double ear infection and pneumonia and Tessa had an ear infection. (Thankfully though, this is the first ear infection for both of them!) Antiobiotics for both of them, along with lots of cold meds and other goop. Mine turned into a sinus infection and I had to go to the doctor. More drugs.

Then Jay came down with it. High fevers for over a week, plus coughing and other nastiness. This is a man who doesn’t mis work unless he is at death’s very door. He missed a full week!!! Off to the doctor for him; more drugs.

Meanwhile Max broke out in a rash head to toe. The doctor confirmed it was a penicilin allergy and also mentioned that one of his ears was more than not-healed, it was much worse. So we have been in for antibiotic shots for the poor guy twice and hav to go at least one more time. The poor baby; the shots hurt so bad he can’t walk for over an hour after he gets one.

I think we have spent as much this month on doctor bills and medicine as we did all last year!!

In better news: James gets his braces off!!!!