Happy Birthday to ME!

I am now officially out of my “Early Thirties” and in my “Mid-Thirties”. When did that happen? Sometimes I think I am *only* thirty-x and still a young whippersnapper. Then other times I think, ugh… I am *already* thirty-x, practically an old lady.

Okay, so not an old lady yet, but not what I once was. Every now and then I have a day where I have “The old gray mare” running through my head all day.

Anyway, for my birthday, I got to jet out to San Diego with Jay and Max. We stayed the nght in a hotel and then in the morning Jay went to take a certification test for some work equippment and Max and I went shopping with Heidi. she helped me give my wardrobe a little waking up (so I don’t dress like I am thirty-x!) and we had a lvely breakfast together too!

After shopping we hung out at her house for a while, then Jay and Max and I went out to dinner with Jay’s parents (who were also there for the ceritfication) and flew home. it was a lovely, short getaway. very refreshing!