Is it Friday Yet?

Oh wait. It’s only Wednesday, and it’s only 7:30am… we have a long way to go.

Monday this week was a fairly normal day. School went well. We tried a new pattern, instead of starting with math as we always have, we saved it to do until after lunch and were able to easily finish up everything else, including a nice game of Set to stretch our brains a little. The only major incident was finding out that Zinger had terrified one of Ben’s friends while he was here recently and I hadn’t known about it. I felt truly terrible that this had happened right under my nose and I hadn’t been able to prevent it. Apologies were given and accepted.

Max, who had been doing so much better with an increase in solids has suddenly decided that he wants nothing to do with any solids that he can’t feed to himself.

Tuesday was an interesting day. School went well again, but as we came down for lunch Jay called and said he was working nearby and could we bring him some lunch. I said sure, we needed to go to the library anyway, and he was right on the way. We ate our lunch, took his to him and went to the library. At the library, I replaced the movie we had lost, picked up my reserved books, and helped the kids to find their books. Since we are doing world history this year, I wanted to do some historical reading. I started looking up the call numbers on a few of the books on my book list.

First stop: Plato. I go (well saying “I go” makes it sound like such a simple process of walking across the library. It’s not. There are weirdos in libraries, so “I go” entails rounding up the kids, telling them to be quiet as we go into the grown up section, and trailing our book cart and the three who can walk behind me, while trying to convince Max that he really does want to stay in the sling, not get down and rip all the books off the shelves.) Anyway, I go to the number the card catalog gives me, but all I find there are books on writing like “How to Write Romance Novels for Dummies”. Ok, that doesn’t particularly strike me as having ANYTHING to do with Plato, and are the romance novels for dummies to read or to write? I start to puzzle over it but Ben has just backed into a paperback rack and knocked a bunch of books off, and someone is trying to get around us. Time to move on. I probably wasn’t ready for Plato anyway, and I know he wasn’t ready for us.

On to Aristotle. I find myself in a nutritional section. I am truly confused now. Did someone not know how to set up the Dewey Decimal system here? I double check my list of number copied from the computer. Nope, those are right. Oh well, I probably wasn’t ready for Aristotle either. The natives are getting restless but I am determined to go home with a Book, a real book that will challenge my mind and help me to be a Smart Person. So we go back to the computer – the whole line of us. I check my book list and select Plutarch. Let’s see if they have that. I write down the number, double check it, triple check it, and we all trail away to find Plutarch. Score!!! I select Volume One and we are on our way again. And in my wandering I also made another score, I found the Complete Peanuts! (Cartoons) I have to balance Plutarch with something light, or my brain cells might go on strike.

The rest of the day is relatively normal. Oh, except for the part where I was folding Laundry and Max came crawling towards me. His hands looked dirty, and when I picked him up I thought, “Oh boy, you got into the markers again!” There was red all over his foot. But on closer inspection, it was all over him and didn’t look like marker anymore. He was covered head to toe in BLOOD. It was all over his legs, feet, arms, hands and face. A sick feeling crept, no raced, over me as I started my inspection of him to find out WHERE IS HE BLEEDING? The hallway is too dark, so I took him to the table where I went over him carefully and found a 1/2 inch cut on one finger. So I put pressure on that with a napkin and start looking for what else is bleeding. NOTHING! We got him cleaned up and bandaged. We had to put a sock over his arm because he wanted to eat the band-aid and I was worried he would choke on it. We cleaned up the trail of blood and went looking for what he had possibly cut himself on. It turns out that the bowl he had pulled from the cupboard a few days before had sent a shard up into the cupboard that we hadn’t seen. We had been very careful to get the floor clean… VERY careful. So we cleaned out the cupboard and the floor again, just in case there was any left.

So now we have made it to Wednesday. My alarm went off this morning and I staggered to the bathroom. Ugh, no toilet paper, have to go downstairs for that. As I reach the top of the stairs I realize that toilet paper is going to be the least of my worries.

The smell that reached my nose as I stood there was… I don’t think I can describe it.

So I go downstairs, open the back door, then open the door to the downstairs bathroom and chase Zinger out the door. Sure enough, when I turn on the bathroom light. Oh, shit. No really the whole bathroom is plastered in puppy diarrhea. No one should have to smell or look at that sight at 5:50am, no one.

But now it is clean, and I have showered, and it’s time to move on with the day. And we are only almost halfway through the week. Oh goody!