THE WALLS ARE UP!!! I went to the house today to meet with the painter (who did NOT show up!) and the dry wall upstairs has all been installed! They were waiting on a drywall nail inspection. (??) But they said that painting should begin soon!!!

Getting in the swing of things

Slowly but surely, normal is returning to our lives. Or at least the feeling of normality… I don’t know that we ever were very “normal” – whatever that is!

The house is in progress. We met with the head construction guy last week and went through the house and had the chance to point out things we wanted changed and ask questions about how and why they were doing things. He said they wouldn’t be finished by March 31st as they had originally planned, but hoped to be done by mid-April. (YIPPEEE!!!! HOORAY!!! I had never even hoped it would be that soon! I am sure it may be moved back again, but STILL!!!) We have gone and picked out the new carpet and tile for upstairs, and are working on picking out paint colors as well.

The kids have settled into school and are enjoying themselves. The rental house is still just a rental, but is feeling a little more comfortable and soothing to us all. We all still have days where we are off kilter, and even some bad days where we fall apart a little bit, but they are coming less often and with less intensity when they do come.

We still don’t know what is and isn’t going to need to be replaced from our house. We are waiting on Paisley to complete her list of possessions from her room.

We had a family picture taken the other evening!