The Computer is back

We are fairly settled into a rental house, only slightly smaller than our house, and very closeby. I put Posy and Ben into our parish’s Catholic school. They know most of the people there and I am just too stressed out lately to even attemt to homeschool in even a relaxed manner. I hope it will just be for the rest of the school year, but am trying to be open to God’s prompting in that area too. The adjustment was pretty hard for them, but they are doing beautifully now. It’s weird to just have the two littles during the day again. It has been a long time since I have not had an extra set of hands and some older child company around. Tessa misses them too.

They have finally begun demolition on our house. The upstairs is down the the studs. We will get all new walls and everything. We got to go and pick out bathroom fixtures this past Monday. It was surreal. It is hard to buy stuff to replace things. I thought it would be fun to go out and buy all new things – unrestricted shopping. But everytime I go I look at things and just pine for what I already had. A good friend finally dragged me to the store so that I would buy the same pair of shoes that I had before. 🙂

I will do okay for several days and then just kind of fall apart. Sleep is the hardest part right now. When I am okay I sleep fine, but the first clue that I am going to lose it again is waking up at 3AM and not being able to go back to sleep. Sometimes my brain will go into overdrive trying to remember every item we had in the house, and sometimes I will relive the Run From The House over and over. Then I spend a day in tears and then I seem to be okay again. It is just strange. Since everyone was fine, I didn’t expect for the emotional effect to be like this.

Jay is doing about the same as me, fine for a few days and then it hits him again.

Paisley and James are doing okay, although the stress is evident.

The blessings that have come out of this are amazing. We have gotten so much help from our parish, our friends, and even people we don’t even know. We have been inundated with love and prayers and lots of gifts and donations. I have even been reunited with two dear friends from high school through this! God shows me plenty of little graces every day.

I got the computer back yesterday, so I will be able to check email more often, and even get around here very few days.

Thanks to everyone so much for your love and prayers in this time!!!