School Days, school days….

Our school year is now in full swing!

Paisley and James have jumped in with both feet. Between homework, volleyball for Paisley, and flag football for James it seems that they barely have time to breathe let alone sleep! But in spite of the mild complaining, they seem to be blooming and even secretly enjoying school.

Home schooling has been greatly simplified by the loss of my two older students. With just Posy and Ben to teach I have time to work with each of them each day and correct their work as it is done. Tessa does get a little noisy, but she is very good about not getting into their school work. I have been collecting special little puzzles and small toys to rotate in and out for her to help prevent boredom. That has seemed to work well.

This year I am taking a little more of a text book approach with my home schooling both for ease in planning and correction and to keep things simple and consistent when the baby comes. So far it seems to be going well!

I was able to get the year planned out. We are doing Religion and World History all together and then each child has 3-4 assignments per day, plus about 30-40 mintues of hands on learning activities that I rotate each day. These include coloring and labeling maps, flashcards, pattern blocks, learning songs and more. They really look forward to doing their “stations” when they are doen with their written work each day.

Baby’s Gender

Well after five mystery pregnancies where we found out baby’s gender only after birth, we decided to go ahead and take a peek this time. It was covered by insurance, so why not?

…drumroll please…

It’s a BOY!

So assuming that they are right about this, sometime around New Years we will be welcoming Maximilian Anthony into our home.

That means that we have a perfect record of alternating girls and boys.
I wonder how long we can keep this up?