Back to Work

School got a rough start this week as the kids seemed to have wordlessly banded together and initiated a work slow down. After scraping our way through Tuesday, with each of them getting only about one assignment done (if even that) each day, we sat down with them and laid it on the line. No school work, no activities –
That INCLUDES gymnastics.
That got their attention, and I had my eager-to-work students back on Wednesday.
On another note, they have all been reading fiends when not doing school, so that at least is a good thing. Ben surprised me by reading the word “sympathetically” with only a minor mispronunciation. He is turning into quite the reader around here!

Paisley with be taking the Catholic High School Exam this Saturday. We are still not sure if she will go or not, but we want to keep all doors open for that possibility. We are also looking into enrollment based homeschools like Seton, (don’t cringe, Annie!) Mother of Divine Grace, and Kolbe.

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